Letter to Supporters of Leonard Peltier’s Clemency Petition to Former President Obama

Letter to Supporters of Leonard Peltier’s Clemency Petition to Former President Obama

From Peltier family members, Kari Ann Boushee Paulette Dauteuil-Robideau

February 6, 2017

Dear Supporters:

We want to thank you all for the great effort you put forth on Leonard’s Clemency Petition to Former President Obama. And we know that you are as disappointed as we are that Leonard won’t be able to meet and thank you in person for all the work you have done on his behalf.

We want to bring you up to date on the new ideas that are in the works for Leonard’s freedom. He has authorized his niece Kari Ann Boushee and cousin Paulette Dauteuil-Robideau to be the Directors to reorganize and move the National office from Albuquerque NM to Fargo, ND. We are working to have this office up and running by the first of March.

We are also putting together a new legal team, working board, fundraising and Art sections as well as International and National Chapter leadership positions.

Our belief is that this new organization will expand our large network of supporters and push forward and unite with others to build the road for Leonard’s freedom.

As always we look to you our one on one supporters, to help make this transition smooth and progressive as possible. We will be needing office supplies and volunteers in many different areas of expertise.

Our physical office will be up and running next week and our new mailing address is ILPDC P.O.Box 329, Fargo, ND 58107 and our new phone # is 701-293-4806 will be installed on Monday.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, Kari Ann & Paulette


Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier

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