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Native Art Gift Shop Flags and Powwow Power Com

Native Art Gift Shop (Powwow Power T-Shirts, Native Veteran Caps, Beaded Caps,Mouse Pads, Puzzles, Art Prints, Rawhide Shields, Beadwork & More.)

Becky’s Native Expressions Art Site  (clay/mixed media masks, raw hide shields, photography, screen prints, dolls and more inspired by the peoples indigenous to the Americas)

Wolf Mountain Santuary (Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the preservation, protection and proper management of wolves in the wild and in captivity. Our purpose and ultimate goal is to save these great noble animals from extinction.)

Wolf Mountain Santuary Blog (The Bliss of a Wolf Kiss, official Blog for Wolf Mountain Santuary.)

Snowwowl (Native American information site;created for the main purpose of educating
people to the beauty & creativity of the Native American Peoples– articles, comments, observations, stories, featured artists & photographers websites, links to powwows and to all kinds of things Native American.)

Manataka American Indian Council
(The Manataka American Indian Council offers history, herbal medicine, art, stories, religion, ceremonies, weddings, powwow calendars, children circle, women’s council, trading post, crafts and more. Huge website. Hundreds of links. A must see.)

Marin Museum of the American Indian (History and Culture of Native Americans in California and other regions of the country)

Johnny D. Boggs (Multiple award winning western writer)

Indian Voices (Multicultural News From An American Indian Perspective)

Hoopa Tribal Radio (KIDE-Hoopa 91.3 FM Tribally Owned and Operated Community Radio)

Native Languages of the Americas (Native Languages of the Americas:Preserving and promoting American Indian languages)

In Tlanextli Tlacopan (Traditional Aztec Fire Dancers from Mexico City)

Steve Reevis, Blackfeet Actor (Native Celebs Bio)

Micki Free, Warrior Rocker & Gypsy Cowboy (Native American Musician)

Amado Pena’s Art Gallery (paintings, drawings, limited edition prints)

Stanford Powwow (Stanford American Indian Organization)

Native Web (Excellent resources for indigenous cultures around the world)

Gathering of Nations (Gathering of Nations Powwow, Miss Indian World Traditional Talent Presentations, & Indian Traders Market)

Southwest Cuisine (Your link to the Southwest, Free Southwest Style Recipes, Botanical Art Prints, Southwest style Gifts, Hot links & Botanical Remedies.)

Native American Art and Collectables (A unique array of Indian gifts, collectibles, decorated leather goods, willow dreamcatchers, beaded pipe-hawks, lances, walking sticks, Native American pictures, American Indian weapons, knives, buffalo horn & hair pipe chokers, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, antler jewelry, dreamcatcher earrings & carved bone items created in the tradition of the mighty Sioux.)

Indian Country Today Media Network (Serving the Nations, Celebrating the People. Native American culture, education, history, news, travel and much more)

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History (Highlights of their collections include Native American baskets, pottery and textiles)

John Balloue  (Cherokee artist with national acclaim for his colorful art)

Native Times  (Native news, culture, business, culture and more)

Native Peoples Magazine  (First  and largest paid-circulation consumer magazine dedicated to the issues important to Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Founded in 1987, it has an estimated readership of more than 100,000, with subscribers and readers in 36 foreign countries)

Native News On Line   (Celebrating Native voices; education, entertainment, health, opinion, travel, etc.)

Native Arts & Cultures Foundation  (Native led 501 (c) 3 philanthropic organization dedicated to the perpetuation of native arts and cultures nationwide)