Powwow Time!

Powwow Time!

For Native Americans, Summer Is The Peak Time For Powwows

This is my first article to be published on the new and upcoming site, TheLatest.Com. I’ll probably follow-up with a Powwow Time! Part 2 soon…

Summer is the peak of the powwow season even though Native American powwows occur year round. I have attended countless powwows having been on the committee side of planning a powwow, and as a participating vendor. Being part of the powwow circuit as a vendor, dancer, head staff or drummer is like belonging to a large family. As a vendor I always look forward to seeing other arts and crafts vendors and enjoy catching up with the latest gossip, powwow news and family history. And let’s not forget about fry bread. Every powwow has at least one fry bread booth. This is the most popular food at a powwow, yet it’s not really an indigenous food at all! But, that’s another story.

What is a powwow? A powwow is a Native American gathering, a social event where both native and non-native people gather together for drumming, dancing, singing, arts and crafts, seeing old friends and making new friends. Powwow time is a social event that includes honorings, giveaways, memorials, fund raising, games, special dance exhibitions and social dances, like the Potato Dance, Round Dance or the Switch Dance.

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Becky Olvera Schultz is an artist and photographer whose background includes journalism, advertising and marketing. She has been in involved with the powwow circuit for several years, participating as a vendor and as a member of powwow planning committees. For more information on Becky, visit her art site at www.native-expressions.com