Wounded Knee Website Now Up To Accept Donations

Wounded Knee Website Now Up To Accept Donations

Help Buy Wounded Knee For the Tribes Of The Sioux Nation

Lakota publisher and journalist,Tim Giago (pictured above) has now set up the website where anyone can make donations to help him purchase the historic site of Wounded Knee. The mission of the new non-profit, National Historic Site of Wounded Knee, Inc., is to raise the money to purchase the 40 acres of land at Wounded Knee from owner Jim Czywczynski, who is asking $3.9 million for the land.

On December 29, 2015, Giago signed an agreement to purchase the land for the tribes of the Sioux Nation. He also plans to build a museum on the site as well as rebuild the trading post to address several issues that face the nine tribes in the area.

Donations can be made by visiting Wounded-Knee.Com

Read more about the purchase at Indian Country Today Media Network


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