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A powwow is a Native American gathering, a social event when both native and non-native people gather together for drumming, dancing, singing, shopping from arts and crafts vendors, seeing old friends and making new friends. Read more…

Included here is a brief History and Description of a powwow, basic description of powwow Dancers, Drums and Songs as well as basic powwow Etiquette.

This site is a culmination of my experiences on a powwow committees, attending powwows, being a powwow vendor, my photography and art. Hopefully this information will be useful to anyone seeking powwow basics, especially those who may have never experienced a Native American powwow.

Support the Free Powwow Calendar Listings by making a purchase from Native Art Gift Shop. All orders will receive a packet of complimentary white sage. If you are interested in advertising your powwow or business on this site or in an upcoming newsletter, feel free to make contact.

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Thanksgiving Week Powwows 2015

Powwow listings for the week of Thanksgiving 2015.

Native Veterans

New Beaded Native Veteran Army Cap In Nam Colors

Now Available at Native Art Gift Shop: New Beaded Native Veteran Army Cap In Nam Colors

Native Veterans

Honor, Remember All Veterans Of All Cultures

All veterans, no matter what culture or race must be honored for their service.

Native Veterans

Code Talker’s Birthday Wish For Veterans’ Day

Navajo Code Talker Celebrates 94th Birthday Veterans’ Day.

Native Veterans

Native American Rights Fund Celebrates Veterans Day

Native American Rights Fund (NARF) honors and remembers all Native American veterans

Arts & Crafts

40th Anniversary American Indian Film Festival®

40th Anniversary American Indian Film Festival®


Upcoming November Powwows

Upcoming November Powwows:

Native History

Museum of the American Indian Celebrates Native American Heritage Month.

Join the Marin Museum of the American Indian for a special afternoon event.


A Word About Native American “Costumes”

A Word About Native American “Costumes”: